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Get alerts for the stock market or cryptocurrencies with ease. With just your email, you can quickly join the simplest yet most robust alerting platform available. 

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Who we are

Chris Gonzalez

Founder and CEO

I truly enjoy working with people, especially when we have a common goal. I enjoy tackling complex issues and researching new ideas and concepts.

My passion has always been building things. With the technological breakthroughs we’ve had in the past few decades this has never been easier, and I’ve never been more excited to build apps for the financial markets!

Dan Dimassa

Senior Advisor

Self-made entrepreneur trained in the following schools of thought:
Lean Startup, Sandler Sales & Executive Training and Strategic Coach.

Specialties: Start Up Consulting, Entrepreneur Mentoring, Sales, Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Social and Mobile Strategy, Leader, Meeting Organization, Project Management, Management

Jessica Petti

Senior Sales &

Community Director

My passions are sales and community service. After 8+ years in sales, I get as excited today as I did when I made my first big sale. I love sales but I’m even more excited about seeing my clients thrive.

I am also focused on helping the community and animals through organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House, and The Humane Society.

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